Documented here is the genealogy of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that reveals their common ancestry, and how they are related. The Fairfax family are the common denominator, and if Sir Thomas Fairfax is their last direct common ancestor then that makes them 14th cousins once removed. This genealogy also reveals their mutual descendency from King Edward III of England confirming that Prince George has royal ancestry on both sides of his family.

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King Edward III of England (1312-1377) m. Philippa of Hainault and Holland
John of Gaunt, Prince of England m. Katherine Roet
Joan Beaufort c.1379-1440 m. Ralph de Neville
Eleanor Neville c. 1397-1472 m. Henry Percy
Henry Percy 1421-1461 m. Eleanor Poynings
Margaret Percy b. 1447 m. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
Agnes Gascoigne 1474-1504 m. Sir Thomas Fairfax c. 1475-1520 (owner of Gilling Castle)
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Family Line

16. William Fairfax c. 1499-1588
15. John Fairfax d. 1614 m. Mary Birch 1580
14. Rev. Benjamin Fairfax 1592-1675 m. Sarah Galliard
13. Benjamin Fairfax d. 1708 m. Bridget Stringer
12. Sarah Fairfax m. Rev. John Meadows
11. Philip Meadows 1679-1752 m. Margaret Hall
10. Sarah Meadows 1725-1800 m. Dr. David Martineau
9. Thomas Martineau 1764-1826 m. Elizabeth Rankin
8. Elizabeth Martineau 1794-1850 m. Dr. Thomas Michael Greenhow
7. Frances Elizabeth Greenhow 1821-1892 m. Francis Lupton
6. Francis Martineau Lupton 1848-1921 m. Harriet Albina Davis
5. Olive Christina Lupton 1881-1936 m. Richard Noel Middleton
4. Peter Francis Middleton 1920-2010 m. Valerie Glassborow
3. Michael Francis Middleton b. 1949 m. Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith
2. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge b. 9th January 1982 Reading, Berkshire

William, Duke of Cambridge Family Line

17. Nicholas Fairfax m. Jane Palmes 1496-1571
16. Margaret Fairfax m. Sir William Belasyse
15. Sir Henry Belasyse 1555-1624 m. Ursula Fairfax
14. Sir Thomas Belasyse 1577-1653 m. Barbara Cholmley
13. John Belasyse 1614-1689 m. Lady Anne Paulet
12. Barbara Belasyse d. 1740 m. Sir John Webb
11. Mary Webb m. Sir James Waldegrave
10. James Waldegrave d. 1763 m. Maria Walpole
9. Anne Horatia Waldegrave 1762-1801 m. Hugh Seymour-Conway
8. Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour 1791-1851 m. Elizabeth Malet Palk
7. Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour 1825-1877 m. Vice Admiral Frederick Spencer
6. Charles Robert Spencer 1857-1922 m. Margaret Baring
5. Albert Edward John Spencer 1892-1975 m. Cynthia Elinor Beatrix Hamilton
4. Edward John Spencer 1924-1992 m. Frances Ruth Burke Roche
3. Diana Frances Spencer 1961-1997 m. Prince Charles of Wales July 29th 1981
2. William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge b. 21st June 1982 m. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge née Middleton
1. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

What do we know about Sir Thomas Fairfax? When his father, Sir Thomas Fairfax died in 1505 he inherited the Gilling Estate including Gilling Castle in Gilling East, North Yorkshire, England. In 1513 he served King Henry VIII on his expedition to Artois. When the city of Tournai, which is now in Belgium surrendered to the King, he received his knighthood. The ownership of the Gilling Estate was initiated through the first of two inquisitions in 1489 based upon the marriage of Margaret de Etton and Thomas Fairfax of Walton in 1349. Sir Thomas Fairfax (1475-1520) was the eldest of nine children.

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