My Dream: One night I had a dream in which I was in a modern looking building, perhaps a church with a group of people, followed by being in what appeared to be 1st Century Jerusalem. I had been meditating on Isaiah 53 verse 5 wherein is contained God's truth , "By His stripes we are healed." I knew the healing scriptures well, that Jesus did more than die for my sins, but He died for my sicknesses as well. What really brought that home was when I saw Jesus in the dream, his face bloody, and being mocked and beaten on his way to be crucified. Jesus turned round and looked at me. His face, though suffering extremely, was still full of compassion and love. If you have a sickness, or know somebody that has, or perhaps you have backslidden, know that Jesus took it all for you. Thank Him for that now, and receive your healing and restoration!

c. Richard Steel 2004

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Revelation 5 verse 13 "To Him who
sits on the Throne
and to the Lamb
be Praise and Honour and Glory
and Power Forever and Ever."