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In Charisma News Service:

Tape of Texas Pastor's Healing Sparks
Chain Reaction in Other Churches

Doctor says David George's recovery 'remarkable'
by Andy Butcher

The videotape of a pastor's dramatic recovery from severe brain injury, which has baffled medics, is said to be setting off a chain reaction of healings in other churches. More than 1,000 copies of the tape have gone out from Bread of Life Church in Houston where outreach pastor David George was caught on film, last month, when he visited for the first time since a road accident that left him with massive memory loss and slow speech. George didn't recognize his office or members of the congregation when he arrived at the church after two weeks in the hospital. Senior pastor Dusty Kemp invited him up as the offering was to be taken, to say a few words. The tape shows him looking confused at first,

but then his speech speeds up as he talks about his trust in God. Members of the church applaud and shout as he begins to recall Bible verses and people's names. "I don't know what's happening. I just know one thing: He is here," he says. When George returned to the rehabilitation hospital two days later to begin what he said was due to have been months of daily rehabilitation work, he was pronounced completely well and discharged. "It blew them out of the saddle," he said. "Nurses started crying." Kemp said that George's recovery was "the most phenomenal thing I have ever seen in my life." At the end of the service he expected to see "a vastly improved David George, but I saw my friend, totally and completely restored before my eyes." Hundreds of copies of the tape have been requested and sent out, and "the same thing happens," Kemp said. "The presence of God is falling in these churches when they are showing it. People who have known him would cry because they couldn't believe the state he was in [before]." Kemp said that George was healed without anyone praying for him or laying hands on him. "The Lord has had us praying more than we have ever prayed over the past four years because we want to see our city impacted for God, and this has let us know we are on the right path," he said. "It's about Him. It's not about going after healing or a blessing--it's about going after Jesus and just watching what happens." Tim Kelly showed the video at Gateway Fellowship Church of God in Macon, Ga., where members had prayed for George. "It was phenomenal," he said. "We gave an altar invitation, and there were healings and miracles taking place in our own sanctuary--as a result, I believe, of the faith level being built by seeing [the video]." George said that before his "incredible miracle" he had been told that he might never fully recover. When he started to speak in church he said that "it was out of my spirit..........because my brain wasn't functioning," and then........"all of a sudden, the phenomenon started taking place." He said that he had been asked to lead monthly services at the rehabilitation center.

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